ANOTHER SOUND r&d / by polina kalinina

I always felt sorry for the baroness. She is jilted for a teenage nun. But when I looked into it and read Captain Von Trapp’s memoir, I discovered he was not at all like he is in the film. His family were musical before Maria came along. The play then sort of became more about looking at what really happened and what the characters sidelined in it were really like.
— Annie Caulfield

With the generous help of MGC Futures I am absolutely psyched to start some work on Annie Caulfield's 'Another Sound'. It's really early days but I'm hoping to bring this pretty remarkable story to life on the stage. It has enjoyed life as a successful radio play - 'The Von Trapps And Me' - but Annie and I were always keen to see it in the theatre. MGC Futures is making it possible for me to develop the script further and try it out on it's feet with four actors, two dancers and a choreographer, Renaud Wiser

Wish us luck and watch this space!